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Sept. 2021
Roberto Kusterle

Echo is the story of a journey that starts from known territories, reassuring and on a human scale, undertaken with the desire to dissolve ancient bonds, to go to places still unknown, immense and distant. The latter, however, in a certain sense already exist as they are linked to the artist’s imagination. The starting world is real, it represents the present and the past, while the place of arrival is the result of an invention, it is vision and tension towards the future.


The narrated journey is also a celebration of the artistic creative process which is not without fatigue, difficulties, obstacles, second thoughts. The vision of the mountains represents a sort of goal to be reached. The image of a sculptural foot, bare and dusty, alludes to the fatigue of the journey and the need to abandon all the comforts of the known and contemporary world.


On this journey the artist is in solitude, in search of a relationship of intimacy with nature in which he finds himself even in the sound of an echo: the return of his voice in the void and in the distance he has from these mountains. On this journey to find yourself and merge with nature, the only reliable map to follow is your imagination.


The book is accompanied by a poetic text.


Photographs: Roberto Kusterle, Concept: Roberto Kusterle, Sara Occhipinti, Marco Faganel,
Text: Sara Occhipinti, Design: Andrea Occhipinti, Printing: Grafiche Antiga, Crocetta del Montello (TV), Italy


Year: 2019, Pages: 61, Size: 17 x 24 cm, Paper: Ecopaper Magno Volume g115, Cyclus Offset g70, Fedrigoni Sirio Color Pietra g140, Manifattura del Seveso Assuan Granate 5028 g190
Edition: 1, ISBN: 978-88-943821-3-6, Language: Italian, English,
Insert: 5 photographs 35 x 57 cm, Print Run: 250 copies + 25 special editions with an original print



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