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Sept. 2021
Continuo Infinito Provvisorio
Alessandro Ruzzier

Continuo Infinito Provvisorio constitutes the artist’s biography, whatever makes him who he is now, will take place in the space of this book. Continuous – because something happened, happens and will happen again, even when he will not exist anymore. Infinite – as his research is never fulfilled. Because the Universe is the image of a gaze that keeps losing focus, but at the same time it offers us footholds, actual entities: planets, constellations, galaxies. Provisional – because it is as unstable as the human being and it holds all the infinite, unpredictable variations of life and its transience.


Images of the Universe and of ordinary life intentionally alternate on the narrative plot. Being in two places, two spaces, and always at the same time. Ruzzier has found objects, subjects, places that might connect these two worlds. He has created other images with a conscious approach, using conceptual procedures, in order to verify thinking processes and find their formal evidences. Shapes that remind the surfaces of planets are simply cake crumbs still scattered on their baking paper. Tiny dots looking like atomic particles free from any bound or snapshots of faraway constellations are dust particles floating in the attic. Flying starlings become constellations too.


He has overturned some pictures: their meaning, in the storytelling, remains the same, while a perceptual estrangement comes in addition to the vision.


Finally, a game Ruzzier offers to the viewers: the names of the pictures. Some, ostentatiously exotic but just as real, talk about Baikonur and bring to mind our collective imagination about space conquest. Others, instead, indubitably deal with his private life.


Photographs: Alessandro Ruzzier, Editing: Alessandro Ruzzier, Giulia Iacolutti, Text: Alessandro Ruzzier, Giorgia Gastaldon, Design: Andrea Occhipinti, Giulia Iacolutti,
Printing: Poligrafiche San Marco, Cormons (GO), Italy


Year: 2019, Pages: 69, Size: 16.6 x 20.6 cm, Paper: Munken Lynx g120, Cyclus Offset g70, Wibalin Natural Pistachio g120, Cyclus Offset g170 gr, Edition: 1,


ISBN: 978-88-943821-2-9, Insert: Interplanetary Dust Particle (sources: NASA)


Language: Italian, English, Print Run: 300



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