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Sept. 2021
How To Destroy Everything
Marco Marzocchi

In How To Destroy Everything, Marzocchi includes a group of photographs found after formatting by mistake his phone. The project starts from this well defined archive, that refers to his last 3 years of life. Here, people, moments, places, situations, don’t exhist anymore, all are gone.


The process of the zine-making, of book-making in general, for Marzocchi seems to be the ideal form to tell a story, for creating a space-time context. And still, a space of reflection, of exchanges and of questions.


HTDE is a project about these confused and dramatic times we live in, in which chaos is supreme and not exhist a logic able to commands it, and we only have to accept it. But between these burnsts of chaos, we can experience moments of illumination and lightness, of simple poetry.


‘We live in a reality in which it is difficult to distinguish the glimmer of a dawn from the glow of an explosion.’ (Marco Marzocchi)


Photographs, Concept, Editing: Marco Marzocchi, Text: Marco Marzocchi
Design: Andrea Occhipinti, Cover Illustration- Tattoo: Arianna Settembrino


Year: 2020, Pages: 92, Size: 21 x 14,8 cm, Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-88-943821-9-8


Language: English, Print Run: 100 copies numbered and signed by Marco Marzocchi



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