Valencia Art
Book Fair
Sept. 2021
Berlin in 33 Eyes
Happy Potato Press
Martijn in 't Veld

For free. It’s written on a cardboard box standing in the street. Boxes like these are everywhere. The people in this town have a lot to give. Glasses. Clothes. Keyboards. Books. Passers by often stop to peek inside. Quickly. A little embarrassed. And always, just out of curiosity. One never knows.

This book is collection of 33 vignettes about every day life in Berlin. No Brandenburger Tor, Fernsehturm or Alexanderplatz, but beggars, bumpy sidewalks and the knees of Elvis Presley.


© 2020
Laserprint on paper
Saddle-stich bound
105mm x 148mm
35 gms
36 pages

Inside: 80 gms Munken Pure
Outside: 300 gms Munken Print White
Round eyes: round corners



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