Valencia Art
Book Fair
Sept. 2021
Prawn Dumpling
Ceremony Press
Kathryn Wood
United Kingdom

Kathryn Wood studied Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art and is now working from her studio based hill-farm in The Peak District National Park. Prawn Dumping is an environmentally-inspired photographic project, a mixture of images, performance and fractured narratives spliced together recounting several trips the artist made to various hill-farms in the North West of England. By relocating back to the farm that the artist was raised on, enables her to capture the everyday experiences of farming and rediscover the environment that she had grown increasingly detached from.


Central to Wood’s practice is a direct physical engagement with the labour of farming. During her trips to the Peak District National Park she began to take on the role of the farmer, from which she makes photographic works about the experience; the resultant works portray a personal insight into the implicit care and consideration small-scale farmers have for both their animals and their working and living environment.


Singer Sewn 160mm x 230mm 32 pages Digital printing 1st Edition of 50 August, 2019



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