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Sept. 2021
On drifting
Marruecos, Francia

On drifting is a participatory lexicon imagined and produced by the collective Calypso36°21 from 2018 to 2021, as part of its curatorial research programme This book gathers contributions proposed by a multitude of humans whose work summons, explores and questions the liminal dimension of Mediterranean borderscapes.


Poets, lawyers, navigators, activists, artists, architects, researchers, writers, philosophers and political scientists have been collaborating with Calypso36°21 since 2018 to create this final edition.


Conceived as an alternative cartography of the [fluid+solid] border landscapes of the Mediterranean, On drifting was conceived in the manner of an atlas and is to be read from shore to shore. On drifting responds to the urgent need to rethink knowledge production processes, by experimenting with the creation of an inclusive, shared, and multiple archive. Through the images and texts it gathers, the lexicon navigates through territories prey to liminality, a state of in-betweenness, punctuated by ruptures and thresholds.


Edited by : collective Calypso36°21 (Justine Daquin, Zoé Le Voyer, Sanaa Zaghoud, Manon Bachelier) Graphic design : Manon Bachelier Project supported by : Stimuleringfonds Creative Industries Printed in 400 copies at : Design and Publishing JSC KOPA Vilnius, LITHUANIA Fonts in use : Harir – Bahman Eslami, TPTQ Arabic, Atlas Grotesk – Commercial Type, Fengardo Neue – Loïc Sander, VTF, Vdushe Mono – Eleonora Šljanda


Year : 2020
256 pages
ISBN : 9791069965256
All proceeds of the sale donated to SOS Mediterranean



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