Valencia Art
Book Fair
Sept. 2021
Nobody Remembers a Shapeshifter
Werkplaats Typografie
Países Bajos

Mariana Lobão & Andrea Salerno. This publication is an extension of the Werkplaats Typografie 2020 show, a premeditated afterthought expanding on the collective gesture and individual efforts of Andrea Salerno, Austin Redman, Darío Dezfuli, Frédérique Gagnon, Gerardo Madera, Hannah Sakai, Jannete Mark, Loes Claessens, Maria Smit, Mariana Lobão, Michelle Lin, Michiel Terpelle, Mirjam Reili, Miron Galić, Moriz Oberberger, Nicha Keeratiphanthawong, Rebecca Metzger, Sangah Shin, Sarah Cleeremans, Simona Koutná, Susan van Veen and Tabea Nixdorff. Written review by Constant Dullaart.


‘Nobody Remembers a Shapeshifter’ is simultaneously the title of a fashion show, the password to enter the show’s venue, and the title of this book. The fashion show that lacked a fashion collection served as an exhibition context for the participants of the Werkplaats Typografie. Each participant contributed to the expanded format of the fashion show, creating work that existed specifically within the support structure: from online platforms to wayfinding on the street, from coordinated services to spatial interventions, from the ferry dock to the catwalk.


288 pp, format: 155 x 210 mm, year: 2020, ISBN 9789491003110



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