Valencia Art
Book Fair
Sept. 2021
Arranging Flower Arranging
Werkplaats Typografie
Andrea Salerno y Yeliz Secerli
Países Bajos

Andrea: «In early 2018, I came back home with a book titled Flower Arranging, an illustrated home reference manual about floral decoration dated 1966. The book was printed in Holland, yet published almost simultaneously in Des Moines (1965) and Glasgow (1966). The volume appeared to be sold in a no-longer existing bookshop in Johannesburg, between Pritchard and Loveday Streets, and eventually travelled back to the Netherlands, where I found it in a charity shop not too far from my house. Soon afterwards I started rearranging its sequence of flower arrangements with the help of Yeliz Secerli.»


Design: Andrea Salerno, Yeliz Secerli. Publisher: Werkplaats Typografie. 160 pp, format: 197 x 275 mm, year: 2021 (new edition), thread-sewn binding, French folded dust-jacket (759×530mm)

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