Valencia Art
Book Fair
Sept. 2021
Footfalls Echo
Replika Publishing
Freya Copeland

Footfalls Echo explores loneliness and disconnection suffered in major modern cities as the internet promises ever increasing opportunities to connect. The book is bound and presented as a personal diary, tracing movements and thoughts through a city promising to be your friend while at the same time rejecting you at each turn.


Footfalls Echo has been featured in Findr Photography Magazine, Berlin, 2018 and exhibited at Strange Goods, Auckland, New Zealand, 2020. Footfalls Echo is held in many public and private collections including Samoa House Library, Auckland, New Zealand.


Photographs: Freya Copeland, Essay: Anna Hanlon, Design: Freya Copeland, Binding: Freya Copeland, Youvalle Levy with assistance from: Antonia Reitter and Merve Terzi


Footfalls Echo Freya Copeland, Replika Publishing, 2019
80 pages, hand smyth sewn binding, digital offset printing in full colour with a 16 page stitch and knot hand bound insert booklet.
First edition: 2018
This Edition: 2019
Munken Print Cream 90gsm and 115gsm



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