Valencia Art
Book Fair
Sept. 2021
nel buio più acceso
DITO Publishing
Klim Kutsevskyy

nel buio più acceso (in the brightest darkness) is an artist’s book that is aimed at anti-depiction in order to be an unreadable and illegible, even to itself, work. Invisibility and being out of reach are the focus of this circular movement created by moving back and forward. The visual satisfaction does not come from an acknowledgment: the images want alterity to foresee and glimpse a certain intensity. Every area is disjointed from the others. Totality is nowhere. The work attempts the disintegration of the figurative image through the use of inhomogeneous, fragmentary and overlapping sequences with the use of dark blue and black papers.


photographs, edit and book design by Klim Kutsevskyy2021, ISBN 9791280304049, 148 pages, cm 17×13,5, screw bound, printed on Sirio Dark Blue 115gr., Arena Avorio 70gr. e Burano Nero Notte 140gr.




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