Valencia Art
Book Fair
Sept. 2021
Replika Publishing
Freya Copeland y Youvalle Levy

Weathering is the second in a series of visual conversations between the photographic artists Freya Copeland and Youvalle Levy. Weathering explores the existential dread, boredom and isolation experienced in many large cities. This time, the artists communicate, as if in written correspondence, over the great distance forced upon them during international lockdowns and border closures as a result of the 2020 pandemic. Views are confined by window frames and through chain link fences, stray cats stare back at the viewer with piercing eyes. Weathering is a creative endeavour to bridge physical distance, and by chance, the two artists, though at complete antipodes from each other, make many analogous observations.


Photography: Freya Copeland and Youvalle Levy, Design: Freya Copeland and Youvalle Levy


Freya Copeland, Youvalle Levy
Replika Publishing, 2021
250mm x 170mm
32 Pages, Staple binding, digital offset printing with 2 photo card insert
Improved Newsprint, 55gsm
1st edition of 150



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