Valencia Art
Book Fair
Sept. 2021
DITO Publishing
Alessio Pellicoro

Abisso is a place whose edge cannot be known, where light does not penetrate because it is filtered, or perhaps deliberately rejected. It is a place where the sense of space and time is lost, where the conscience falters trying to extricate itself in a thick and dense substance, it gives way… but it does not fall. The feeling of sinking into the depths of the sea, perhaps the illusion of wanting to reach a core of awareness, is a path studded with difficulties that creates stratifications in consciousness, and this is where the reversal comes: we perceive the possibility of escaping from it. This abyss is bright, chromed, comes alive and shines with my unusual passage.


It reveals itself, and I reveal myself to it. The coastal coast of Salento is the protagonist of a dark and nocturnal journey within an imaginary perimeter that undergoes a surreal metamorphosis. It is the place that divides the sea from the mainland and hides its own universe made up of planets and stars.


2020, ISBN 9791280304025, 76 pages, hardback



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