Valencia Art
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Sept. 2021
Valdescura è lontana un’ora dal mare
DITO Publishing
Veronica Milli

Veronica Milli uses photography to develop an immersive narrative of her life. Starting from the place of origin of her mother, Valdescura, a small Italian hamlet absent from the maps, she brings up elements and people that strongly connote her past and her experience of that territory. Valdescura is far from everything. Its inhabitants seem to embody the consequences of an isolation and distance that make everything plausible. Everything is cloaked in a sort of atmospheric decay, a tension towards death. The author radicalizes that tension and transforms it. Life and death become the poles of a crossing, the body, motherhood, experiencing the unknown, changing. Some ultrasound scans of pregnancy punctuate the narration and alternate with the vision of her changing body leading to a ritual movement.


Photographs by Veronica Milli; edit and book design by Klim Kutsevskyy and Martha Micali

2021, ISBN 9791280304087, 84 pages, cm 17×21,5, hardback, dust jacket poster



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