Valencia Art
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Sept. 2021
Frido Troost – An Educational Archive of 2910 Slides
David Campany

This publication is composed of all the slides Frido Troost (1960-2013) used for his classes at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Troost, art historian by trade, was a pioneer in collecting photography of all sorts. In his store ‘Institute for Concrete Matter’ many types of photography were represented, varying from da-guerreotypes to albumin prints, stereo photos to family albums. The images in this book come from all kinds of sources: paintings, advertisements, erotica, art objects, portraits, etc. They form a new collection that represents Frido Troosts associative way of looking. The slides are presented in blocks of nine, in the same construct as Frido Troost gave his classes, a non-hierarchal set up that invites the viewer to link the images freely. A controversial mix that covers a big part of the history of photography.


Text: David Campany Design: Floor Koomen
2020, 400 pages, 24 x 33 cm, Softcover



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