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Sept. 2021
Vapour Momenta Books
Bruce Connew
Nueva Zelanda

Stopover … “Connew’s work combines haunting images with a text that is poetic, elegant, and moving in its clarity. There is a power and persuasion to his work that even the most scholarly and responsible analyses cannot match.” Professor David Hanlon, Director, Centre for Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawai’i, 2007.


Bruce Connew, story Brij Lal, design Bruce Connew and Catherine Griffiths, typography Catherine Griffiths


published 2007 (Victoria University Press and University of Hawai’i Press), ISBN 978 086473 557 7, cloth, case-bound, 184 pages, 136x185mm, upright, 61 duotone, 9 colour photographs, plus texts, printed by EBS, Verona



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