Valencia Art
Book Fair
Sept. 2021
The Bottom of my Shelf
Jaime Sebastián Vera

[ENG] The Bottom Of My Shelf proposes approaching a bookshelf without any intention in mind: trying to get lost in the spines, taking in all the different colors, textures, and typefaces. Thinking about how their dimensions vary all the time, or how they otherwise form themes and collections. In this way standing in front of a bookshelf becomes a sort of dérive, with the eye left to wander and rest on whatever it sees fit.


[CAS] The bottom Of My Shelf propone acercarse a las estanterías sin ninguna intención en mente: tratando de perderse en los cantos, absorbiendo todos los diferentes colores, texturas y tipos de letra. Pensando en cómo sus dimensiones varían, o por el contrario forman series o colecciones. De esta manera, pararse frente a una estantería se convierte en una especie de “”deriva””, permitiendo a la mirada deambular y descansar en lo que le estimule.This is the first part of a two-piece project: a book and a website –working as a public online archive around the idea of books and booksleves being treated as a volume in space–. You can visit the website here.


text and photo by: Jaime Sebastián. Graphic Design by Rubén Montesinos. Copy editor Dave F. Mcallister


25,5×14,2cm tripthyc + 136,4x25cm + A5 Postcard / First edition of 100 copies: July 2020 /



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